Spud Speedway

209 Thompson Rd, Caribou, ME 04736
Email: thaney@maine.rr.com

Track Specs:
Description: 1/3 mi Asphalt Oval
Surface: Asphalt
Shape: Oval

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Donald Rideout – “A Worthy Cause”

Camp kids and staff with car 2013

photo by Alanna McHenan.

story by Chris Roy

Donald Rideout of Washburn, ME is one of the drivers competing in the Northern Lights & Bombers Series at Spud Speedway.

Like most race car drivers Donald has spent the off season getting ready for the 2014 race season at Spud Speedway. “I have been working on our upcoming Camp Adventure raffle. I also try to help out as much as I can by answering questions that other racers sometimes have about multiple topics. I try to help support the track and help other drivers as much as possible. I also race RC trucks in the off season. It helps to satisfy the competitive urge. Of course, I’m also building a new Bomber car this year. Bomber cars require much less time and money to build and since this winter seems to be dragging on forever it will be a quick build. I can’t really do much with it in the cold months since our garage is not heated.”

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Spuds 43 Gage

gagestory by Chris Roy

Gage Theriault of Limestone, Maine the driver of the #43 KID KART at Spud Speedway, won the championship last season is looking for another championship. Though in the off season gage has been keeping busy, practicing for next year and watching his favorite dvd of all time, Days of Thunder! Gage also loves to watch YouTube videos of racing, for research purposes. Gage already in the race mode staying up way past his bedtime to watch Dale Jr. win the Daytona 500 including the 5 hour rain delay.

Looking back on the 2013 race season the one thing Gage remembers most was, “The highlight of his 2013 racing season was every time he was able to hit the track!

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