20 years of being a LEGEND

photo by RPM 360

Story by Chris Roy

This race season will mark Bob Weymouth’s 21st year behind the wheel in a legend car. “I started legend racing in 1997 after breaking my knee racing dirt bikes.”  Bob has racked up a total of 22 different championships, throughout his career.


Right now, here in New England there are a number of different oval race tracks, 2 road course tracks, and 2 touring series, NELCAR and the Granite State Legends that race legends cars.  The question is there enough drivers racing in legends to support all these events? “Legends will only grow if everyone gets on the same page up here. If not there will be small car counts at all events. The tracks, organizations, individuals need to put their egos aside and do best for the sport. But as we see in other divisions and tracks can’t make same rules packages.”


Jake Matheson Racing Announces Partnership with Epsom Tool Rental

JMR photo

Hillsboro, NH– Jake Matheson Racing, LLC is pleased to announce their partnership with Epsom Tool Rental for the 2017 race season.

“Our team is excited to partner with Epsom Tool Rental”, Matheson said. “We are looking forward to working together for a successful 2017. Our team encourages all our fans to go to www.epsomtoolrental.com to learn more about all that Epsom Tool Rental offers for tools and equipment services.” “I’ve had the chance to see Jake and his team compete at the recent Legend Car Winter Nationals event in Florida,” stated Epsom Tool Rental Owner Mark Fraser. “This is not a team that is afraid of hard work and I know they will put forth that same effort to our partnership off the track.”

Jake Matheson Becoming a Legend

photo from Jake Matheson Racing

Story by Chris Roy

Jake Matheson, driver of the #52NH is changing gears for the 2017 race season at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.   “I plan to run the Legend car full time in 2017 and would really like to travel as much as possible.  I also plan to work hard for my team’s chosen charity, Operation Homefront.  They are an organization that helps military families during hard times.”


Jake finished off the 2016 race season with a win and the 2016 Bandolero Championship at NHMS. “It was a dream come true to be the 2016 Bandolero Champ and by far the most rewarding season our team has had so far.  I will really miss competing in the Bandolero, it was a fun car to run.”