Ashton Burgess emerged triumphant at Wiscasset Speedway, securing his first-ever career victory in the fiercely competitive Strictly Street division. The Saturday night event showcased thrilling races and adrenaline-filled moments that left fans cheering in excitement.

After an unfortunate rainout the previous week, Wiscasset Speedway rebounded with a full Group 2 program, treating the audience to a riveting lineup of races. The action-packed agenda featured the Wood Pellet Warehouse Late Models, Kennebec Equipment Rental Outlaw Minis, Portland Glass Strictly Streets, T&L Automotive Modifieds, and the flex Chestnut Auto Roadrunners division.

The evening kicked off with a 50-lap spotlight race for the Late Models, where Alex Waltz took an early lead. Frank Moulton, not willing to back down, engaged in a thrilling battle for the top spot on lap 7. However, a spin in turn 4 brought caution, adding an extra layer of excitement to the already intense race.

Brett Osmond seized the opportunity on the restart, showcasing his prowess and taking over the top spot on lap 26. Meanwhile, Tiger Colby was on a relentless pursuit, climbing the ranks and challenging Will Collins for the runner-up position. Colby’s determination paid off as he claimed the runner-up spot on lap 35 and soon set his sights on Osmond for the lead. On lap 40, Colby executed a bold move to overtake Osmond, claiming the top spot. From there, he raced ahead, securing his second win of the season in the division. Will Collins and Brett Osmond completed the top three, making it a thrilling finish.

In the 25-lap Outlaw Mini feature, Kyle Willette displayed exceptional skill, leading the race from start to finish. Despite a determined effort from Zach Audet, Willette held his ground, ultimately taking home the victory. Jeff Farrington secured the third spot on the podium, adding to the excitement of the division’s race.

The 20-lap Roadrunners feature witnessed Kyle Enman’s impressive performance as he surged ahead, eventually claiming the lead on lap 9 after a hard-fought battle with Noah McGrath. Enman’s victory was a well-deserved reward for his skill and determination. Chip Farrington secured the third position, making it a podium finish for the division.

The 25-lap Strictly Street feature brought its fair share of drama and excitement. Zach Emerson took an early lead, but chaos erupted on lap 4 as Chuck Wagstaff’s spin in turn 3 collected Dan McKeage, Jr., triggering a series of cautions. Amidst the challenges, Ashton Burgess showcased a brilliant performance, moving up the ranks and taking over the runner-up spot on lap 10. With a mid-race caution, Burgess saw his chance and surged ahead, claiming the top spot on lap 18. The young driver capitalized on the opportunity, securing his first career victory in the division. Josh St. Clair and Kurt Hewins completed the top three, adding to the exhilaration of the race.

The night concluded with a thrilling 30-lap Modified feature. Scott Trask took the early lead, but Ryan Ripley was determined to make his mark. On lap 17, Ripley executed a daring move to steal the lead, with Adam Chadbourne following closely behind. A spin brought about chaos, leading to single-wide restarts for the remainder of the race. In a breathtaking finish, Chadbourne fended off Ripley’s intense challenge to emerge victorious. Connor Wenners secured the third position, making it an unforgettable conclusion to the evening.

As the dust settled, anticipation grew for the upcoming Group 1 event on Saturday, August 12th, featuring the marquee Ward & Sons 100 Super Street race, 4-Cylinder Pros, Pro Stocks, Thunder 4 Minis, and the visiting S.T.A.R Tour. Racing enthusiasts can look forward to more adrenaline-pumping action at Wiscasset Speedway.