NESS Gears Up for a Big Year Two

The New England Super Modified Tour (NESS) is gearing up for an exciting sophomore season in 2023. The anticipation is palpable as drivers prepare their high-powered, big-winged Supermodifieds for the nine-race schedule, starting at the Thunder Road Speed Bowl on June 9th. The track’s steeply banked 1/4-mile oval in Barre, Vermont, will witness these incredible machines blasting around the track in sub-10 second laps.

NESS has carefully crafted their 2023 schedule to provide thrilling racing while minimizing conflicts for the teams. The Thunder Road Speed Bowl will host two races, with the second date set for September 30th. The Oxford Plains Speedway will feature three races, scheduled for July 8th, August 5th, and August 26th, as part of the 50th annual Oxford 250 weekend. White Mountain Motorsports Park will have one confirmed date on July 14th, with a second date yet to be confirmed on September 16th. Finally, the high-banked 5/8 mile Thompson Speedway will welcome NESS on June 21st and October 7th as part of the World Series of racing.

One of NESS’s primary objectives has been to create a rule book that promotes fair and equitable competition while containing costs for all teams. The officials have succeeded in achieving these goals, as highlighted by car owner Howie Lane. NESS has reduced travel costs, allowing local teams that cannot afford to race in distant locations the opportunity to compete. This has been a significant advantage for teams comprised of individuals who have work commitments on Monday mornings. NESS has provided a platform for these passionate Supermodified racing teams to showcase their skills without the need for extensive travel and accommodation expenses.

Bobby Timmons III from Windham, Maine, expressed his enthusiasm for NESS, stating that it allows them to race in their backyard. The Timmons family has a long tradition of Supermodified racing, with Timmons III being a third-generation driver. The NESS tour has offered them the chance to participate in more races and further their involvement in the sport they love.

The opening day at Thunder Road on June 9th promises to be an exhilarating start to the NESS season. The smaller tracks on the NESS tour provide an added safety benefit, as they naturally limit speeds and encourage close racing. Howie Lane expects a substantial car count at the opener, with renowned drivers like Ben Seitz, Anthony Nocella, Russ Wood, and Matt Swanson among the expected participants. The prospect of a dozen or more cars on the tight Thunder Road track guarantees thrilling on-track action.

Robbie Summers, the inaugural NESS champion, has already filed an entry for Thunder Road as he aims to defend his title in 2023. Summers emphasized the cost savings implemented by NESS, such as the availability of the 572 Spec motor option, which reduces motor expenses by $10,000 to $15,000. Furthermore, NESS has introduced a gear rule for open motors, significantly extending their lifespan from six races to one to two years. These cost-saving measures have been instrumental in keeping Supermodified racing affordable and sustainable.

Supermodified racing offers a unique spectacle with its big block engines mounted on the side of the car, massive wings atop the chassis, and oversized slick tires. It is a type of racing that requires significant financial resources due to the high speeds involved. NESS has made it a priority to make the sport more accessible and affordable, attracting new talent while retaining the existing drivers. Local short track aces like Derek Griffith, Nick Sweet, and Dere