Dwinal gearing up for big Oxford 250 weekend
Twin features on Speed51 Live stream up next

LISBON, Maine (Aug. 24, 2020) — It’s one of the nation’s biggest short track weekends of the season, and even the open-wheel crowd is getting in on the action. The 47th annual Oxford 250 is set for Sunday, Aug. 30, and Gary Dwinal Racing is gearing up for a pair of high-profile features on the weekend docket.

The Pro All Stars (PASS) Modifieds will run a 50-lap feature on Sat., Aug. 29, as part of a program featuring the VT-based American-Canadian Tour. On Sunday, the Mods will run a 75-lap contest.

“This will be without a doubt the most important back-to-back races we’ll run all season,” Dwinal said from his shop as he put the finishing touches on his No 55 entry. “Even though they can’t have the big crowd on hand this year, lots of people will be watching the Live stream on Speed51 around the globe. 

“The Oxford 250 still has that amazing appeal as one of the premier races in the country. For the Mods to play such a role in this huge show is big for us, that’s why we’re putting so much effort into our car.”

Dwinal and his team completed a successful test session at Oxford last Friday and says he’s ready to go.

“The car was a rocket ship right out of the trailer,” Dwinal said. “The higher I ran on the track, the faster the car got. I was up about three and 1/2 lanes high, and it was unreal. I could drive deep into the corner, burp the throttle for about 30 feet, and jump back into it right away. It really felt fantastic.”

Dwinal and his dedicated ‘Geritol Gang’ of veteran crew members are always seeking more speed. It’s the way you improve and keep the competition at bay. Those who don’t test get left behind on race day. 

“We made one little adjustment and it helped a little, then we made another minor change and it hurt the car, so we put it back where it was. I’m confident we’ll have ample speed this weekend. That test session allowed us to learn what the car really needs at Oxford. I’m very excited for the big weekend.” 

Dwinal was a regular at Oxford back in the late 1970s and 1980s. He ran the old Late Model Sportsman division with some success, and has always been an Oxford guy at heart. In 2020, he learned to drive at White Mountain Motorsports Park, as well, honing his driving skills as he approaches 60 years old. 

“You’re never too old to learn, and I sure have learned a ton about the way folks race in this era,” Dwinal added. “It’s a different mentality out there now, but I’ve had a ton of fun in 2020. This Crazy Horse Racing PASS Modified has made me feel young again. It’s a challenge, but one I’m enjoying.”

Officials at Oxford Plains Speedway are busy gearing up for their showcase event. Only 200 race fans will have the luxury of attending in person, while thousands who’ve made the pilgrimage down Route 26 for this event every year will watch from the comfort of home. It is indeed bizarre season.

“Things are out of their control this year,” Dwinal concluded. “I’m just thrilled the Mayberry family is as committed to running the Oxford 250 as they are. It would have been easy to just pull the plug on an event of this size and postpone it until 2021, like so many other events around the state.

“Yet they’re going to host it in the best manner they can given the restrictions in place. It isn’t ideal for New England’s premier stock car race, yet it is what it is. We’re gearing up for it, and can’t wait.”

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