GROUP 1 – 50TH ANNIVERSARY NIGHT Celebrating Wiscasset’s 50th birthday with inaugural Hall of Fame Class, past Champions, and Fireworks full results coming Sunday

SERVPRO OF BIDDEFORD SACO (50 laps)* Douglass 3rd win of season

PosNo.NameHome TownStateLapsDiff
118Kevin DouglassSidneyME50
201xAndy SaundersEllsworthME501.653
315Nick HinkleyWiscassetME502.048
411Cody VerrillWoolwichME504.148
529Kevin MorseWoolwichME505.150

..THUNDER 4 MINI (25 laps)* Anderson (point leader) 2nd win of season

PosNo.NameHome TownStateLapsDiff
104Curtis AndersonRichmondME25
24Zac AudetSkowheganME252.778
384Spencer SweattAlbionME254.294
484xDouglas DegroatOxfordME2510.174
560Caleb WilletteWinslowME2510.523

..CAHILL TIRE 4-CYLINDER PRO (25 laps)* Prindall (defending champ_ 3rd win of season* Curit (point leader)

PosNo.NameHome TownStateLapsDiff
124Jeff PrindallLisbonME25
25Dominic CuritSacoME251.881
370Taylor LanePhillipsME256.283
441Nicole BenincasaBuxtonME256.552
542Mike KibbenLisbon FallsME257.648

..MAXWELLS MARKET SUPER STREETS (25 laps)* Trask first win since 2015* Hodgkins (point leader)

PosNo.NameHome TownStateLapsDiff
123Mike HodgkinsJeffersonME25
25Mark LucasHarpswellME252.455
355Bob CrockerFreeportME252.992
43Bobby MesimerWoolwichME253.230
585Michael HarrisonDurhamME254.391
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