SERVPRO OF BIDDEFORD SACO PROSTOCKS (50 laps – spotlight)* winner jeremy whorff post race inspection penalty * Douglass first win of 2019

PosNo.NameHome TownStateLapsDiff
118Kevin DouglassSidneyME500.508
215Nick HinkleyWiscassetME505.808
329Kevin MorseWoolwichME509.734
411Cody VerrillWoolwichME5010.250
52Chris RyanNewburghME5012.600

..CAHILL TIRE 4-CYLINDER PRO (25 laps)* Peacock first career win

PosNo.NameHome TownStateLapsDiff
126Colby PeacockYarmouthME25
25Dominic CuritSacoME250.083
300PJ MerrillCantonME250.614
470Taylor LanePhillipsME252.453
542Mike KibbenLisbon FallsME252.988

..MAXWELL’S MARKET SUPER STREETS (25 laps)* Oakes 2nd win of 2019 (also won opening day)

PosNo.NameHome TownStateLapsDiff
111Jason OakesBoothbayME25
223Mike HodgkinsJeffersonME250.369
32Josh BaileyWiscassetME250.420
485Michael HarrisonDurhamME251.867
505RGlenn ReynoldsTurnerME252.424

..THUNDER 4 MINI (25 laps)* Audet 2nd win of 2019 (won on opening day)

PosNo.NameHome TownStateLapsDiff
14Zac AudetSkowheganME25
284Spencer SweattAlbionME250.830
304Curtis AndersonRichmondME253.583
423Jacoby PerryPittstonME257.938
584xDouglas DegroatOxfordME257.968

..ROAD RUNNER (25 laps)* new flex class .. only 1 car participated .. ran with Thunder 4’s 

157Jason MeserveWarrenME21
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