photo by Julie McDaniel

Story by Chris Roy

Addie McDaniel of Bridgton, Maine, will be back in the #56 racing in the Rebels and Bandits Series at Oxford Plains Speedway. Addie has been keeping busy during the off season. “This off season I’ve been mainly finishing school, working, and enjoying the snow. Not too much racecar stuff going on right now.”


April 22nd is the first day of race season at OPS, “This year I’ll be running Rebels on Wednesday nights full time. Also depending on when I get my bandit straightened back out, we’ll be back on Saturday nights with that car (probably around mid to late season) I also have a surprise in store for 2018 that I can’t spill yet! Last year, I raced bandits full time getting 10th in points (missing 9th by 1 point!) and got to try the new rebel and finished 3rd in a heat before I lost the alternator and couldn’t make the feature.”

Oxford is one of Maine’s premier race tracks and the key to success is knowing how to get around this historic race track. “Oxford’s a pretty tricky track to learn, I think the key is hitting your marks every lap. Oxford is more about momentum than motor, so the smoother you are the better. You get a feel of where your car wants to be in the turn and you stick it every lap.”


Racing on Wednesday and Saturdays the driver of the #56 has a full schedule this race season.. “I like the schedule for this year, there’s a lot of races including a 35 lapper for Rebels 250 day which I’m pretty excited about, we raced the first 50 lapper they had a few years ago for the Rebels, it was a lot of fun but a few too many laps. If I recall quite a few people blew their engines.”


Racing in 2 different series at OPS a lot of work goes into setting up the race cars. “We usually spend a few hours the night before a race on a good week readjusting toe and camber and whatnot. I’m pretty capable of doing most of it myself- knowing how to measure everything out and what it should be at.”


Racing now in Rebels and Bandits, Addie looks to the future. “I hope to see my racing career move up to a PASS modified once I’m ready, it’s my dream car and I hope to get the chance to wheel one. I would also love the opportunity to race with pass and travel around to different tracks.”


A word to my fans: keep an eye out on the 2018 season! We have a few announcements that I can’t wait to share with everyone!



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