unity-logoThis Sunday marks the 2nd year of the raceway being leased and operated by Nick Huff. Taking over the track in mid August of 2014, after no signs of opening for the year by any other parties, Huff was able to quickly put together a 4 race schedule that began August 17th. All events were successful, and most importantly, Huff accomplished his goal of continuing the 2 day Long John tradition that hasn’t missed a year since it’s beginning thanks to him. Time has surely flown by, and it’s been a great ride that is soon to come to an end with the recent purchase of the raceway.

Management will change hands in 2017, but racing will surely continue. We hope this will not come with many changes though, as we have proven that Nick’s ideas and philosophy on what’s best for the raceway are certainly a step in the right direction. We want to thank you for your continued support of Unity Raceway, for all of the 68 years of it’s presence, and especially these last couple. Lets pack the stands this Sunday August 21st, for 7 divisions of our continually growing car counts and exciting racing all for just $5 beginning at 2:30pm, and show that Unity Raceway can’t be stopped thru thick and thin. This track will always stand as the Toughest Oval in Maine, Strong and LOUD!!

Divisions Include:
Super Stock – 25
Flyin Monsta Mini – 25
Outlaw Mini – 25
Wildcat – 30
Sportsman – 30
Late Model – 40
Outlaw Series Laps TBD
with Kid’s Penny Pounce ages 6 & Under @ Intermission