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Mike Rowe has a racing career that spans 7 decades. Winner of over 150 races at Oxford Plains Speed

Mike Rowe

The Benjamin Motorsports team has proven their success over the years and now wants to help you! We’ve been working in the body hanging and setup business, mainly for ourselves and other friends, but we’re ready to take it to the big leagues!

Benjamin Motorsports

A lot happened this year to be thankful for, but me, my family, and my team are extremely excited to be back in our family own 47 car, they number it all started with. I can’t thank the Dale drew racing family enough for everything they did this year and can only wish them luck in the feature. Looking forward to chasing the 2023 PASS, and ACT championship along with a few open mod races in the weir motorsports 66. We had a good 2022, but are searching for a better 2023.

Gabe Brown Racing

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