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Wiscasset2013logo     Maine’s fast oval track is ready to embark on its 45th season on Saturday afternoon April 19th at 2:00pm. It also marks the second full season under the ownership and guidance of Richard and Vanessa Jordan on Kingfield. The 2014 season will once again feature a split schedule where the track’s 8 regular divisions are divided into 2 groups which alternate week to week. Group 1 consists of Pro Stocks, Napa Super Streets, Outlaw Mini’s and N.E.4-cylinder Pro’s. Group 2 will include Late Model Sportsman, Strictly Streets, Thunder 4 Minis, and Trucks. Each week a “Flex” race will be added to give fans a 5 division show. Flex races include various regional touring series, or other events such as Enduros or Flagpole races. Track announcer / promoter Ken Minott says they are excited to get the season underway. “Last year we were just getting the operation off the ground. We brought a new team together and tried a few new & creative things to bring Wiscasset Speedway back to life after being dormant for a couple years. Now we’re excited to take the next steps toward making this facility everything we know it can be. Once again it will all be about giving fans a fun, affordable and timely show. We’ve got some bigger races and other neat things planned for the fans this season too.”


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Story by Chris Roy

This weekend the North East Mini Stock Tour (NEMST), will start the 2014 race season at New Hampshire Motor Speedway (NHMS). In the off season NEMST founder and promoter Bob Guptill has been working hard getting ready for the upcoming race season, “We have been busy signing on even more new tracks for the 2014 schedule as well as numerous new sponsors big and small for all events.”


This will be the 6th year of racing for the NEMST, “The previous 5 seasons have flown by. I can’t wait to kick off 2014, by far our most exciting year yet. Every race this season is a special event either by the facility it is held, the increased purse, or “Triple Crown” involvement. It is for sure going to be an epic year.”

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Story by Chris Roy

After a long winter, the Amsoil NELCAR Series kicked off the 2014 race season at Lee Speedway this past weekend. Matt Chagnot is once again behind of the wheel of the #8 Hooligan Legend Car, as the cars got ready to take to the track, “The 1st week is always an adventure with remembering how to drive and figuring out what needs to be in the trailer, but I think we were as prepared as we ever, have been. The new motor is running great, I have new tires on the car, and the weather held off for the race. We spent the Saturday practice day breaking in the new motor, so I didn’t have any laps on the track at full speed when we got there Sunday. Unfortunately, our practice times showed it, as we were pretty slow. I picked up the track quickly though, and managed to shave off over 6 tenths of a second on my lap times from the practice to the feature by making some minor adjustments and driving a better line. We ended up finishing 5th in our heat race, and ran in the top 10 all day in the feature. We finished 10th at the end of the race, even though we got stuck on the outside for the initial start and every restart which cost me a couple positions. I was pretty happy at the end of the race, since we were very competitive and were getting faster all day. We are making some tweaks to the carb on the new motor that should give us a bit more horsepower for the next race, so hopefully we see even better results at Wiscasset next weekend.”

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Story by Chris Roy

Curtis Anderson of Richmond, Maine is making the transition this season from Kart racing at Richmond Karting Speedway to Thunder 4 at Wiscasset Speedway.

So over the winter while waiting for race season to start Curtis and his pit crew have been busy, “We have been building a new car for 2014 season at Wiscasset Speedway.”

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Story by Chris Roy

Travis Poulliot of Madison, ME will be racing full time this season in the Thunder 4 Series at Wiscasset Speedway. Like most drivers the off season gives Travis time to work on the race car. “In the off season – working on the race car, making me more comfortable and safer, gaining advertising partners”

Wiscasset Speedway throws the green flag on April 19th for the first race of the season, though with all the different divisions, they are divided and race every other weekend. “My class doesn’t run till the 26th of April, hoping to be race ready by then still have something’s to do, too get the car ready.”

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CM26story by Chris Roy

Corey Morgan of Lewiston, ME. has spent the off season busy getting ready for the 2014 race season.  “Spending time with my kids, building race cars and working. We built a nice Outlaw for Melissa Ferland, got Mitchell a new go kart gave his old one to his sister Grace. I Have also been working to get the new Mustang PRO-Late Model together, and just finished wrapping the Strictly for Wiscasset, also just made a deal to buy back one of the Outlaws I sold so Missy can race the Ladies Division at Oxford on Wednesdays, it’s a nice car that I built for Pat Maloy, and right I have been lettering cars like crazy for the Auburn Mall Show.”

The 2014 race season looks to be a busy with 4 different drivers in the family in 6 different series.  “Win races right! Well Missy will be racing the Ladies Division at Oxford on Wednesdays. Mitchell will try a few races Thursday at Oxford in the kart series. I will be racing Fridays at OPS and Saturdays at Wiscasset, then we take Mitchell and Grace to Richmond to race karts on Sundays.”

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By Lisa Maguire

Kevin Sherman comes from a line of race car drivers who lived close to the Wiscasset Speedway. Sherman lived just seven miles from the track, and he was introduced to the sport at a young age. Both of Sherman’s grandfathers’ (Ken Sherman and Merle Grover) and father (Norm Sherman) were drivers at Wiscasset. Sherman’s cousin, Adam Chadbourne also races at Wiscasset. It is a family tradition.

Kevin Sherman recalled that both of his grandfathers and his father “were very good back in the day. For me, it was a matter of just waiting until I could drive.”

Kevin has raced in many divisions at Wiscasset Speedway. His debut season at Wiscasset was in 2004 in the Lightweight B Demons. That year he had fifteen top five finishes and nine feature wins. Sherman earned the The Light B Championship and had Rookie of the Year honors.

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By Lisa Maguire

Fall Fury at Wiscasset Speedway was held last Saturday. Fall Fury was the last day of the racing season at Wiscasset Speedway. It was a nice crisp day, and although rain threatened initially, the weather was clear for the day. On the agenda at the Speedway were all eight racing divisions: New England 4-Cylinder Prostock, Mini Trucks, Thunder 4’s, Outlaw Mini, Strictly Street, Super Stock, Late Model Sportsman, and Prostock. Also racing Saturday were all divisions of the Wicked Good Vintage Racers, and the Amsoil Nelcar Legends. The flex race of the week was a one hundred lap Enduro.
First on the track were the New England 4-Cylinder Prostock race cars. This twenty lap feature was caution free and drivers sped to the finish. Starting in the pole position was the No. 54 of Kamren Knowles. Behind him were the No. 38 of Ryan Hayes and Travis Dunbar of the No. 6. When the green flag went down, Hayes pulled ahead on the front stretch and took the lead. The No. 24 of Jeff Prindall shot from the very back of the pack from the outside and took third place from Dunbar.
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1. #24 Jeff Prindall, Lisbon Falls

2. #54 Kamren Knowles, Readfield

3. #38 Ryan Hayes, Jefferson

4. #6 Travis Dunbar, Lewiston

5. #26 Barry Morris, NA

1. #88 Dave Cameron, Sanford

2. #1 Matt Curtis, Freeport

3. #00 Keith Petrin, NA

4. #15 Kurt Irish, NA

5. #17 Matt Wile, NA
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By Lisa Maguire

It was a nice fall day last Saturday and fans came to see their favorite drivers race, knowing there was only one week left of the racing season at Wiscasset Speedway. On the agenda was the full lineup of both groups, and all divisions raced. At the conclusion of the races, drivers and Speedway staff and families gathered to celebrate the season, and awards were given to drivers and staff. The awards recognized Hard Luck, Improvement, Sportsmanship, and Best Average Finish. The Napa Driver of the Year was also crowned.

A quick straightforward race by the Thunder 4 division was first on the track for a fifteen lap feature. Starting in the pole position was the No. 31 driven by Leandra Martin. She was followed by Cody Tribbet of the No. 13 and the No. 5 of Ryan Chadwick. Tribbet passed Martin on the inside of turn one during lap two, taking first place. Then Chadwick followed suit and passed Martin on the inside of the back stretch of lap two for second.
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Wiscasset2013logoBy Lisa Maguire

Last Saturday was cool and pleasant at the Wiscasset Speedway. Fans lined the bleachers to watch the show. The August Napa Driver of the Month was announced as Allan Moeller, and the September Napa Driver of the Month was Corey Morgan. Next week, the Napa Driver of the Year will be announced. On the schedule for Saturday were the group two line up of divisions: A spotlighted McKeage Top Gun General Construction Strictly Street forty lap Shootout, Mini Trucks, Outlaw Mini, and Late Model Sportsman. The flex race of the week was a ten lap flagpole race.

First on the track were the Outlaw Mini’s in a quick, straightforward twenty-five lap race. Jimmy Childs of the No. 10 held the pole position. Behind him were the No. 2X of Rob Greenleaf, who was back in the driver’s seat after recovering from a crash earlier in the season. Starting in third position was Darrell Moore of the No. 7.
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by Ken Minott.
    It was a clear cool evening at Maine’s fastest track and the fans packed in for a full program sponsored by Napa Auto Parts. Group one division were on the schedule with action in N.E. 4-Cyl Prostocks, Thunder 4 Minis, Prostocks, Super Stocks and the Flex race of the week was the North East Pro 4 Tour. While several drivers came close to their pursuit of their first win, it was in fact the top winners that stepped up to claim their place in victory lane. The N.E. 4-Cyl Prostocks rolled out the first feature with #8 Craig Dunn ginning for his 3rd straight feature win. He was flanked by #24 Jeff Prindall and #14 Bob Patten.
Dunn took advantage of his rare front row starting position and quickly established a three car length advantage over Prindall. While the lead pair pulled away, positions would shuffle back in the field as Bob Patten slipped to the back. Craig Dunn held a comfortable cushion for the duration of the 25 laps caution free feature, driving on to his 3rd straight win. Prindall kept the leader within sight, but never was able to mount a challenge. He would settle for his track high 5th runner up finish of the season. Dave Patton raced his #12 machine up from his 6th starting position to claim the final spot in victory lane. The 15 lap Thunder 4 feature had plenty of passing.